Cupcakes on Etsy

I know I post ALOT about cupcakes but they are everywhere these days and trust me, if there was something even half as cute, I’d gladly blog about that but I have yet to find something as dainty and adorable.  So that being said…I LOVE these cupcake items from this seller on Etsy.  Almost everything is cupcake.  Just wanted to share the cuteness!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Cupcake Wine Stopper.  I need these.

Cupcake Ring. Fashionable and delicious.

Cupcake Drawer Knobs.  I am so very tempted to replace all the knobs on my kitchen cabinets with these.  Don’t think Jeremy will go for it though…

Cupcake Kitchen Timer.  Soooo cute.




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Christmas Wish List

Just a few things I want for Christmas.  I’m sure that my name is at the top of the nice list, so I expect to find all of these under the tree Christmas morning…


Adorable Fairy Salt and Pepper Shakers from Chiasso.  I would probably use them for cinnamon and sugar on my oatmeal in the morning–how fun!

This Cupcake Memo Pad is so cute and great for jotting down notes.

Gumball Cookie Jar from Urban Outfitters.

This Cupcake Soap Dispenser belongs in my kitchen.  I need it!

Another great find from Chiasso is this Glass Candy Bag.  So neat!

This knit Cupcake Hat from Etsy is so cute and looks like it would keep your head nice and warm.

I am so in love with this apron from Anthropologie.  I think this is one I would definitely do all my baking in.

What’s on your Christmas wish list??

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Shopping for Sweets

Every now and then I like to wander over to Etsy and see what kind of deliciously evil treats people are coming up with in the Edibles section.  I love the creativity that goes into some of the sweet confections and it’s inspiring to see how many of these people make a living doing what they love.

These were some dark and decadent desserts that were calling my name and I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share them with you all.  Take a couple of minutes and check out these fun shops and most importantly, buy something!

Have a lovely day!

Rocky Road Cookies by cookietown

XXX Rated Dark Chocolate Bliss Brownies by cupcakesinjars

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes by thetinykitchen

Artisan Candy Bars by BeesandBeans

Mayan Dark Chocolat Caramel Bars by haveitconfections


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