Star Wars Birthday Party!

This year we did another combined birthday party and the theme was–Star Wars! The kids recently finished the whole Star Wars series so of course we are a bit obsessed. 🙂 I tried to go super simple this year but of course I got a bit carried away AGAIN making the fun, themed treats. Oh well! Here are some pictures from the big day for the 6 and 8 year old! And as always you can find all the past party links at the end of all the pics. 🙂


Rainbow Birthday Party 2020


Mermaid 6th Birthday Party

Rainbow Unicorn 5th Birthday Party

Kitty Cat 4th Birthday Party

Sparkle Princess 3rd Birthday Party

Ice Cream Shoppe 2nd Birthday Party

Rainbow Sprinkles and Confetti FIRST Birthday Party


Disney Cars 4th Birthday Party

Vintage Race Car 3rd Birthday Party

Alphabet 2nd Birthday Party

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