Avery’s Play Kitchen


I knew once I saw this kitchen on Lay Baby Lay I wanted one EXACTLY like it.  Thankfully my hubby is super talented and handy and with the help of his dad, he managed to get this kitchen done in just a couple of days and right in time for Avery’s first birthday party!



Avery helps me in the kitchen a lot (which really means that she wants me to hold her all the time so I am usually cooking with her in my arms!) so I thought she’d love her own kitchen and it would be one that she can play with for a few years.  I’m hoping she likes to cook and bake like her mama! (Check her out in her ruffle butt and baby apron that her grandma made!  Too cuuuuuuute!)



Just in case you missed her smash cake and first birthday party photos, you can check them out here and here!  We had the best time celebrating our little stinker butt!  (She’ll hate that nickname someday I’m sure but for now it fits haha.)

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