Vegan Strawberry Pie

We made a quick trip to the strawberry patch before the season was over and managed to pick nine juicy, delicious pounds of strawberries! My daughter had a bit of an opinion about what she wanted to make with all of them and we ended up doing a big batch of gluten-free, vegan strawberry muffins and this amazing strawberry pie!


It was soooo simple to make and Avery was really into helping with it–I love watching her desire to cook come out more and more! I used this recipe with a few changes:

-Xylitol instead of sugar

-diced the strawberries instead of leaving them whole

-pureed the strawberries that were added to the water, cornstarch, etc and cooked

-No lemon juice (because I didn’t want to cut a lemon for one teaspoon haha)

It’s a GREAT recipe and turns out perfect. I used an organic, store-bought pie crust and we topped it with vegan whipped cream! Perfect summer dessert!

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