Cupcakes on Etsy

I know I post ALOT about cupcakes but they are everywhere these days and trust me, if there was something even half as cute, I’d gladly blog about that but I have yet to find something as dainty and adorable.  So that being said…I LOVE these cupcake items from this seller on Etsy.  Almost everything is cupcake.  Just wanted to share the cuteness!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Cupcake Wine Stopper.  I need these.

Cupcake Ring. Fashionable and delicious.

Cupcake Drawer Knobs.  I am so very tempted to replace all the knobs on my kitchen cabinets with these.  Don’t think Jeremy will go for it though…

Cupcake Kitchen Timer.  Soooo cute.




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