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I was recently contacted by the lovely ladies of Wicked Good Cupcakes and asked if I’d care to sample their cupcakes in jars.  Now I will be completely honest and admit that I had never heard of Wicked Good Cupcakes but OF COURSE I’d never pass up on opportunity to try cupcakes!  I will however admit that I had my reservations—cupcakes in jars??  Seemed slightly gimmicky to me and how fresh and delicious could these cupcakes possibly be?  Well, I was about to find out!

To start off, the jars came packaged neatly and securely in a box with four spoons.  They were adorable little mason jars which I was actually excited about because I realized after the cupcake is gone and they are thoroughly cleaned, they are reusable–yay!  So that was an immediate plus.  Now, on to the cupcakes!


I was sent the three new spring flavors, Strawberry Lemon, Neapolitan, Tiramisu and a bonus flavor, Mr. Wonderful’s Cookie Butter.  I’m just going to get right to the main point–these cupcakes in jars were DELICIOUS.  Even my husband who is not a big cupcake person was loving them and my three year old daughter wouldn’t stop asking for bites!  An amazing combination of the most moist and flavorful cake and creamy, not-overly-sweet frosting in a tiny jar.  They actually tasted fresher than most cupcakes I’ve had from bakeries which was shocking to me!  These were really, really hard to not eat all of each and every jar.


My absolute favorite was the Strawberry Lemon which is lemon and strawberry cake layered with strawberry jam and lemon buttercream frosting.  Tangy, sweet and just divine.  My second favorite was the Neapolitan which is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake layered with vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkled with some cute chocolate jimmies on top.  Third favorite was Tiramisu which is vanilla cake with layers of coffee syrup, and tiramisu butter cream frosting.  And my least favorite (and my daughter’s new cake obsession haha!) was Mr. Wonderful’s Cookie Butter which was yummy cinnamon cake layered between homemade caramel and cookie butter buttercream frosting topped off with a dollop of Biscoff cookie butter in the center.  Don’t get me wrong, this one was super yummy just not my favorite.  If you love cinnamon it would probably be your top pick though!


The only thing I noticed about the jars was that there was no description of each flavor like there is on the website and I think it would be nice to read what’s inside the jar when you open it up.  Kind of get your taste buds going before you have that first bite. 😉  As for price they are a tad pricey but you are getting the equivalent of two cupcakes in ONE jar plus a jar to keep!  In my mind totally worth the cost and they would make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day or just about any special occasion…Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas…or just treat yourself!  Don’t wait, order some today!

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6 Replies to “Bakery Review – Wicked Good Cupcakes

  1. I’ve wanted to try these babies since I saw them on Shark Tank! They just look so yummy! I went to the website to take a look and was a little put off by the price. I understand this is supposed to be higher end, but I can’t justify $25 dollars for 2 jars of cake just to try them out. However, I do know plenty of people who are having birthdays soon that I might be able to splurge for. This was a great review!

  2. What a wicked disappointment!! I ordered 4 different flavors of cupcakes and all four were so dry I can’t even comment on the flavor. I wanted to like these – I really did – so as I forced down a taste of each before throwing them all away uneaten – I thought how much I liked the concept – what a great idea…. Unfortunately the execution just doesn’t measure up. It occurred to me the reason they serve the cupcakes in jars is because they are so DRY they wouldn’t hold the form of you regular standard cupcake – they would just crumble and be a grainy mount of bleh. Not good. Dry. Dry. Dry. Did I mention really dry?

  3. Have to agree,received mine today for the hefty $40 for 4 jars price.Was so disappointed. Very dry,& supposed to be 2 cupcakes per jar,but bottom one doesn’t have much icing.Won’t buy again.

  4. I got a dozen for Mothers Day and from hearing them advertised all the time I was excited. Unfortunately they were all dry and tasted like they were a month old.
    Very Dissapointed

  5. My sister, who is Gluten Free, ordered me two cupcakes from here. I recently was told I must be GF now too so she was excited to share this with me. The cupcakes arrived and were NOT GF! I contacted them and they said she ordered them wrong, and that’s her fault. So I went onto the website and selected GF, then when its time to select the GF flavors it puts regular ones in the cart, not GF! I contacted them and told them this was an error on their website and they basically said “Oh well!” So we are out $30 for two cupcakes, which is ridiculously overpriced. I’ll just continue going to a local bakery and buying them fresh, not a few days old, and I’ll know they are actually GF. Also I tried to call and contact them and was told to email. my packing slip said GF, my order receipt said GF, the cupcakes that arrived listed the first ingredient as wheat flour. Clearly when packing the box there was a mix up. And that’s human error, but as a business when a customer sends pictures and two emails explaining this, the business corrects it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON OVERPRICED CUPCAKES. My husband took a bite out of the one (since I can’t eat it) and said it was dry. My daughter tried it and said it tasted like Walmart’s cupcakes. Nothing special except for terrible customer service!

  6. I’m sorry you all had negative experiences! I will say I received another order from them shortly after my review and they were indeed dry and I threw most of them away. Very disappointing! I’m not sure why the initial samples they sent me were so good and the next one was quite awful.

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